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MEDIA CONSULTANCY: Individuals/Entities with websites that are seeking the services of professional writers and editors to help create content or shape them to fall in line with their policies and goals for the consumers, management of social media accounts to create awareness and boost sales/viewership/listenership through the lenses of our cameras can contact us for professional assistance and tips to boost their sales, advertisement, and improve upon their marketing and brand strategies.

Our Public Relations team is ever ready to help make this dream a reality.

For all those who want professional advice on how to engage their potential clients/customers online, we have the experts to take care of this task for you.

PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY: We can be booked to work for individuals, families, and corporate entities. For Corporate Events and projects such as Meeting proceedings, Workshops and Seminars, corporate social responsibilities, Parties, and more. Whatever the occasion that requires the services of Photographers and Videographers to capture the moments, you can trust us to deliver great shots at your venue and scheduled date.

Social Events and Individual Coverage like marriage and naming ceremonies, family-get-togethers, birthday photoshoots, funerals, and all; We have the equipment, experience, and the men to take care of all projects and upcoming events for the preservation of those memories.

When it comes to documentary projects, too, we are ready to take care of any project and bring the best shots to reflect and exceed the ideas envisioned.

DRONE PILOTING: It could be a company, a group of people having a program, or anyone wanting a bird-eye-view of a plot of land, an area, video project and they need drone pilots to fly above an area and take pictures or create videos from such setting for them. We do not have a problem and we are ready to work with or for you anyhow you want the job done.

Corporate entities, families, individuals, or groups of people thinking of having some drone footage in a particular area should do well to get in touch with us for a professional shot that is able to meet your budget.

You only need to inform us on time and we are going to ready our gadgets and personnel of trained Drone Pilots to get the job done.

LIVE STREAMING: Individuals, families, companies, institutions, and anyone thinking of airing a program online for a larger online audience to have a look is always welcome to do business with us. We can showcase the videos on several social media platforms at a go and give you moderate rates as compared to other companies in this job. Yet, the quality of the service we will be rendering will not be compromised.

As a professional group, we would like to have a blueprint (map) of the area/room or the particular place where the streaming would be held and we can advise with the number of cameras, areas to station the equipment, and the means we intend to roll out for a smooth recording.

We can stream for you with a single camera and give you up to 6 cameras on the go. Depending on the place of the program and the number of cameras to be used for the coverage, we would price. However, they all come with different rates

We have the equipment and our streaming personnel are waiting for your orders to get the jobs done for you, always!

Graphics Designing: Our team of Creative Designers can create everything with the use of the software for you. Whatever you have in mind and intend to get created for an occasion, company, or business, we will be here waiting to get it done for you. From logos to flyers, stickers and banners, magazines and brochures; all for advertisement and communication purposes, we have the men to guide you through and see to it that it is designed for you with speed and if they are to be printed, you will surely get the best finished product your money can afford without delay.

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